What you gain when you work with Highlight Industries for your packaging application solutions.

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  1. Experience
    Highlight has dedicated 35+ years to end of the line packaging machinery, as well as stretch film and equipment testing and monitoring technology. Our team of packaging engineers is dedicated to innovating and developing the highest quality, value, and technology solutions.
  2. Distributors
    We work with a large network of distributors all over the country, and all over the world, who help us sell and service our equipment. The Highlight distributors in your area will be able to perform routine maintenance, make repairs, and assist with a variety of queries.
  3. Film & Equipment
    we believe that the perfect packaging system involves the film & the equipment working together in synergy. We test film properties to determine how it functions on different systems and at different stretch levels. Understanding this relation provides the most effective solutions to our customers.
  4. Tools
    Highlight has developed several tools that calculate and measure key parameters - like containment force, film usage, etc - that will help you improve efficiency and save money! We've built in our 35+ years of packaging experience & knowledge into each of these tools and you can learn more here.